Our clients consistently see outstanding results.


In personal injury judgments or settlements in the last five years


in a medical malpractice obstetrical claim


in an occupier's liability catastrophic injury claim


in a commercial host liability brain injury claim


in a disputed liability pedestrian "hit and run" motor vehicle accident [brain injury / orthopaedic injuries / chronic pain / emotional injuries]


in a witness to fatal MVA claim [PTSD]


obtained in a trial judgment in a rear-end collision motor vehicle claim (chronic pain / emotional injuries)


in a disputed liability sports and recreation claim [permanent spinal injury]


in a bicycle to motor vehicle collision [physical & psychological] injury claim


in a commercial vehicle motor vehicle collision claim [PTSD / emotional injuries]


in a rear-end collision MVA [chronic myofascial neck & back pain / emotional injuries / vestibular injuries / chronic headaches / concussion] injury claim


in a rear-end collision claim [chronic myofascial pain / emotional injuries]


in a rear-end collision MVA Claim [myofascial neck & shoulder pain / emotional injuries]


in two rear-end motor vehicle collision claims [chronic pain / emotional injuries]


in a disputed liability commercial host claim involving a pedestrian and a motor vehicle [brain injury / chronic pain / headache disorder / emotional injuries]

What Our Clients Say

I wanted to thank you for your endless wrangling with ICBC and for providing me with so much information over the past few years. I really appreciate all your patience and understanding.

What Our Clients Say

"Thank you so much for all the effort you and your team expel on my behalf. The last few years have been difficult, but you have made it all a lot easier than it would have been."

What Our Clients Say

You are a beacon of logic and understanding in the midst of a world that makes less sense to me daily! Had I spoken with a lawyer with less humanity than you at the start of our relationship I don't think I would've proceeded.

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