Since 2002, our team of personal injury lawyers in Vancouver has been advocating for our clients. In that time we have consistently seen impressive results.

  • "David,

    We want to express our sincere gratitude for all the work that you put into our cases to conclude them, both with settlements. Please also express this to your Team, as it was a pleasure to work with them also.

    All our very best."

    Mr. and Mrs. L.K.

  • “Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to reach out and thank you all for all your hard work that you put into my case. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your patience, professionalism and kindness in dealing with me. David, I know that at times the ladies were probably wanting to pull their hair out with the frustration of waiting for me to get information back to them but they never showed it. This has been a couple of tough years with personal loss and some challenges at work making life a little harder.

    I just wanted to reiterate how much it means to me and my family the way you all treated me and made what could have been a very stressful time easier. Thank you all again for all the time you put into me.

    Kind Regards."

    Mr. M.B.

  • “David Wallin is an amazing lawyer that gives you honest and excellent legal advice. David answered all my questions he made it easy to understand legal talk. I will be happy to use David Wallin again for all my legal needs he is the best lawyer I have come across.

    Thanks David for everything!”

    Mr. B.B.

  • “Thank you to the WT-Injury Team. Your work truly changed the game for me and if it was not for you all I would not have pursued this matter. You allowed me to push forward for a reasonable offer taking away a lot of that stress for me. I will forever be grateful for that.

    Thank you for your patience explaining everything. Meena and Angela you were always so organized and also patient with me - taking a call whenever.

    Thanks so much."

    Ms. B.S.

  • David,

    There was a lot of support for me going through these last few years [as a parent of an injured pedestrian]. Much credit goes to the Whitelaw WT-Injury Team for handling things so professionally and effortlessly. I’m learning to see things differently in a good way because of that.

    I’ll be a grateful man for a long time and the help along the way will be remembered. Your kindness is truly appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work.


    Mr. S.R.

  • “I was represented by WT in a matter where as a pedestrian, I was hit by a car and had to sue ICBC and the driver of the car. I interviewed approximately 10 different law firms in trying to find a suitable lawyer. It was recommended to me by another firm that I contact David Wallin at WT, whom I ultimately retained for representation. All of the people at WT are very capable and are a pleasure to work with. First and foremost, they are competent. Literally every interaction with all of the paralegals and lawyers was first rate. They inform you and prepare you for every step of your case with clear and professional communications. They're extremely thorough, and they're very nice about it at the same time.

    The [auto insurance company] is not a well run entity and they don't always deal in good faith. As has been documented in the media, [auto insurance company’s] mismanagement makes it very difficult for a plaintiff to be fairly compensated for injuries. David and the people at WT are fully aware of the shortcomings at the [auto insurance company] and they understand how to prepare and litigate on their clients behalf. This is something that most people who are trying to recover from accident injuries would not be prepared to deal with. WT guided me through all of the issues with professionalism and care. It was not easy and it would have been significantly more difficult had they not been so capable and communicative regarding the entire process of bringing a lawsuit to a conclusion.

    I can say wholeheartedly that I am extremely pleased with every aspect of how David and his Team managed my case, and brought it to a successful resolution. I am thankful that I was introduced to WT and I give the highest recommendation to anyone in need of legal representation for a personal injury matter.

    Mr. H.P.

  • "David and his team were instrumental in my litigation process with ICBC. Given that I was on the upward trajectory of my career, David was extremely supportive, knowledgeable and professional. David demonstrated attention to detail and took great care to the sensitivities with respect to the circumstances of my case. David was always available for a discussion and addressed my concerns in an efficient and effective manner.

    David and his team have access to resources and a strong network of healthcare professionals that assisted with my injuries. David is very thorough and I am extremely thankful for his compassion and assistance."

    Ms. L.M.

  • "David and his team were instrumental in my litigation process with ICBC. Given that I was on the upward trajectory of my career, David was extremely supportive, knowledgeable and professional. David demonstrated attention to detail and took great care to the sensitivities with respect to the circumstances of my case. David was always available for a discussion and addressed my concerns in an efficient and effective manner.

    David and his team have access to resources and a strong network of healthcare professionals that assisted with my injuries. David is very thorough and I am extremely thankful for his compassion and assistance."

    Ms. C.J.

  • “Hello David and Team,

    I received the settlement package and I would like to take this opportunity to thank David and the awesome WTinjury team for years of service.
    I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication which resulted in a successful outcome on both cases. I am grateful for the personal service I received, your continued support, and your immediate responses to all of my concerns. During this entire process I always felt that the WTinjury Team truly cared about me.

    You have all been amazing to work with. Thank you!”

    Mr. L.W.

  • "Over 5 years ago I was involved in a car accident that left me with substantial upper and mid back pain. I am a mom of 3 beautiful daughters, wife to a travelling husband and had a very physically demanding job as an ER nurse for 10 years.

    For 2 years following my accident I dealt with ICBC on my own and was given "low-ball" offers and was left emotionally and physically drained while trying to raise my very young family and work at the hospital to maintain my practice. I followed the advice of my doctor but continued to see no improvement, a marked worsening of my symptoms, depression and a potential loss of my career. At the end of 2 years I knew I needed to hire a lawyer to help me recoup my lost wages, mounting medical expenses and other expenses that presented due to this unrelenting back pain. I was referred to David Wallin and the WT team through another experienced lawyer that told me "David was the best". Upon meeting David, there was no question in my mind that he was "the man for the job". David's confidence, insight, experience and his team’s (especially Tina & Anna) clear communication was exactly the right fit for me.

    I was terrified as this was my first time ever using a lawyer and had no idea what to expect (to be honest – I never thought I would ever have to use a lawyer in my lifetime until I actually had to deal with ICBC). David and Tina walked me through each step and I felt totally prepared to go into expert assessments, my Examination for Discovery and Mediation / negotiations towards the end of the 3 years spent with David and his team.

    The settlement amount achieved far exceeded my expectations and some things were even brought to my attention that I had no idea I could claim in my case. The knowledge and professionalism of the WT Team made a horrible situation less stressful, less daunting and gave me a peace of mind that I am not sure I would have had with anyone else.

    Hiring David Wallin was the best decision I made for myself and my family.

    A big thanks to David, Tina, Anna and the entire WT team that worked so hard on my file!!!"

    Ms. F.A.

  • "Hi David,

    You haven't heard much from me since we settled but I still think about you guys all the time. 

    I just want you to know how much I appreciate that and everything else you guys did for me.  Anyways my family and I are riding in style in a brand new SUV that's much easier on my back to get in and out of. And we have many great memories from Disney to cherish thanks to you and your team. And my mortgage is a little less painful thanks to you.

    I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.  You guys are the best in the biz!

    Thanks David."

    Mr. M.J.

  • "Hi Tina,

    Just wanted to let you know I picked up the settlement yesterday. Thanks so much for all your hard work! You and David were fantastic, and I really appreciate all that went into my case.

    Take care."

    Ms. H.L.

  • "I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. Jeff Hamel and his team were very professional and provided sound advice, respecting my decisions on certain matters. Hopefully I won't need their services in the future, but if I do, I will not hesitate to contact them.

    Thanks again Jeff!"

    Ms. K.C.

  • "When my wife and I were injured in a rear end collision to our vehicle, we became drawn into the complex world of injury claim to protect our rights. ICBC made the process confusing and threatening. Looking for legal representation was another tough process in trying to decide who had the right expertise and character to succeed.

    After meeting David and his team it was immediately clear we had found our fit. Start to finish, David and his team maintained clear communication, strategy and executed on their word. This made for as controlled and stress free a process as possible.

    We highly recommend David and WT injury to ensure your interests are put first with strength and clarity and to get you through to a successful conclusion."

    Mr. B.L.

  • “Dear David,

    This may be a fairly long letter to say thank you, and it’s because you have been so incredibly helpful to my family and I, all the way through this accident, 4 years ago.  You were referred to me by another lawyer, who although had not met you in person, had “heard good things about you.”  That was the understatement of the year!!  The first contacts I had with you via e-mail, phone and personal meeting assured me that you were the person and the firm I wished to have beside me, walking this road.  I can remember calling and leaving a message on your voice mail, likely being worried about something, and you called me right back.  From Arizona!!!  Where you were attending a conference!!  That was one of many firsts for me.

    All through these 4 years, I have felt you were by my side.  You have assisted me in preparation for everything, and without your expertise and accompanying human-ness, I would have been a total mess.  You and your team (Tina, Amber and Bronwen), are amazing, and you all show your knowledge, empathy (especially when I called in a cranky mood!!) and sincerity in wanting to make this the best experience, coming out of a terrible experience. 

    You all were understanding and compassionate when I was falling into hopelessness about not being able to work again.  Without hesitation, you accepted a request from my family to answer some questions on a conference call, about the possibility of settlement and trial and anything in-between.  You have never been too busy to have a meeting or a phone call.  When I was totally destroyed, you put me back together again.   

    So basically David, there simply are not enough words to say thank you from my heart, for everything you and your team have done for all of us.  Your reassurances, information, expertise --- all helped us to get through this event, and helped our healing process.

    Thank you from my heart."

    Ms. B.B., Registered Nurse

  • “David,

    I wanted to send you a brief note in appreciation for your consistent wise counsel to [my husband]. We are both so grateful [for the successful settlement] and that we can get on with our golden years, putting all the stress behind us.

    Thanks again!!”

    Mrs. C.D.

  • "Hello David & Tina,

    Thank you for "It's Over".  From the bottom of my heart thank you for your hard work and for making it happen.  And for your honest advice and support throughout my claim.

    You are the best.  Now I can heal. 

    Big hug my friends."

    Ms. D.M.

  • “Dear David,

    Congratulations on your result on the [case name omitted] case.  You should be proud of taking the fight all the way. The Court’s decision is a useful one for the profession."

    Mr. [bodily injury lawyer]

  • "Thank you for all of the hard work you and your office are doing to get my dear mother’s claim resolved.  Your office has been a pleasure to work with."

    Ms. F.P.

  • Platinum, Simply Platinum.

    I refer to the stellar legal service I recently received from David Wallin and his talented WTinjury team.
    David reviewed and accepted my ICBC injury claim and from "day 1", he demonstrated to me his vast experience with Injury claims, guiding me thru the web of legal submissions, medical-legal consult reports. David is truly amazing and I recommend him to anyone. One does not deal with ICBC without talent such as David’s to back you up. I could not have done it without him.

    I also take the opportunity to thank David for his patience with me, as I was an active, “hands on”, claimant, always anxious to gain his insights into the legal process, in case I ever want to come out of retirement and become a Trial Lawyer of his caliber, I have already advised him that if so, I will chose to article under David's tutorship, and I will not take no for an answer.

    In closing, I again recommend him to family, friends and colleagues should they have the misfortune of needing legal counsel. I remain grateful to David, his paralegal Angela, and his legal administration assistant, Amber, and his entire team in the background, also assisting him on my file.

    Mr. C.J.

  • "Hello Crescent and David,

    Thank you so much again for your continued support. Also, thank you for bringing me the great news [regarding the settlement of my ICBC claim] last Friday. I am still trying to absorb the impact of the news, and it still feels so unreal!

    Thank you so much for your kind support and compassion all this time. There was a time when I grew tired and discouraged, but you kept encouraging me, and I'm really glad that I trusted you and stayed in the process.

    Thank you so much for being so adamant to get a "fair" deal for me, when I myself did not even know what was "fair".

    Also thank you for your hard work and speaking out on my behalf. I believe the adjuster listened to your words because of your faithful work and their trust in you, and I just feel so lucky and grateful to have you as my lawyer/advocate!

    I was really touched that you brought the cheque personally to the bank despite your busy schedule. Thank you for making sure that the money be deposited. Thank you also for the precious money you earned for me. I'll remember all your hard work and efforts are summed up in it. I'm not used to having this much money, and still need to learn how to manage it, but I hope I can use it wisely and in a meaningful way.

    So, now, this is it? It has been a long process, and I miss you already! I am most grateful to you and Crescent for being so patient and supportive with me all this time. You've been very kind, understanding, and caring. I feel so blessed and fortunate that I was referred to you, and I will definitely do the same if I come across someone in need of your service.

    Could I drop by your office when I come to Vancouver next time, just to say "Hi"? I'm looking forward to the opportunity to see you again, and am wishing you the very best for your future!"

    Ms. T.I.

  • “Thanks for all of your work on my brother’s file, our family greatly appreciates it. Without people like you David, the average person wouldn’t stand a chance against these large insurance companies.

    Best regards,"

    Mr. M.C.

  • "David,

    I wanted to send you a brief note in appreciation for your consistent wise counsel to [my husband]. We are both so grateful [for the successful settlement] and that we can get on with our golden years, putting all the stress behind us.

    Thanks again!!”

    Mrs. C.D.

  • "Dear David,

    Thank you so much for all your work on my file. I am so relieved it is over. It has been a long road. You have taken a lot of burden from my shoulders and I can't appreciate it enough.

    Thank you, we will be forever grateful"

    Mrs. C.T.

  • "David,

    Thank you so much for all the effort you and your team expel on my behalf. The last few years have been difficult, but you have made it all a lot easier than it would have been. Thank you so much for your professionalism and for working hard for me. I appreciate how you always took time to explain what was happening. I will recommend you to others in my situation - but I hope I never have to."

    Ms. V.A.

  • “Dear WTinjury,

    I wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with the outcome of my case. I had [been involved in a car accident with my daughter]. I turned to David Wallin to handle my case after ICBC was offering me a low amount for my injury. David was very professional and handled the claim. ICBC was reluctant to budge because of conflicting eyewitness reports. With David's expertise we ended up settling my claim for six times the amount that ICBC had offered me. I was so happy and I could of not done this without David's help.

    David is a great person and takes his job seriously and cares a lot for his clients. I was happy that he helped me in my case. He is a Director at the law firm and I was super happy that a Director at the law firm helped me, as it does not get better than that. My girlfriend's mother was recently injured in a car accident. Right away she made a claim with ICBC and I quickly advised my girlfriend's mother to retain David Wallin as her lawyer.

    Thanks David for helping me with my claim as no one would of got me the settlement you did. Everyone out there I would recommend retaining David Wallin."

    Mr. Z.P.

  • "David,

    I am very overdue in thinking you for everything you did for my wife in her ICBC lawsuit. We both know that litigation can be very stressful for the parties, but seeing someone deal with it on a daily basis was an eye-opener for me.

    Your wise counsel made it possible for my wife to get through the ordeal. I will always be grateful my friend.

    All the best."

    Mr. H.C.

  • "Dear Tina,

    I wanted to thank you for your endless wrangling with ICBC and for providing me with so much information over the past few years. I really appreciate all your patience and understanding.

    All the best."

    Ms. V.A.

  • “David,

    I just wanted to write you a thank you note for all your hard work over the last five years. I appreciate all that you and your team have done for me during that time and for always keeping me in the loop and addressing all of my concerns I had. Thank you for also having my best interest at heart throughout.

    Wishing you all the best."

    Ms. T.E.

  • “Dear David,

    Thank you for all your kindness and generosity to help a little old lady. Your help has made a wonderful difference in my life."

    Mrs. V.R.

  • “Dear Tina,

    Thank you so much for your work on my file. I know it hasn't been easy. Thanks for the tearful chats and all the support and help. I couldn't have gotten through all this without you on the other end of the line. Thank you so very much.

    All the best."

    Ms. C.T.

  • “Dear David, Tina and the rest of the WTinjury team,

    Thank you for your professionalism and understanding of the lengthy litigation process recently successfully concluded.

    It was difficult for me to understand how people I thought I knew and trusted would respond to David's questions and points he made which led to the injuries with untruths and complete misrepresentations of what did happen. In our Examination for Discovery, David was able to clearly show to the others counsel that the defence was not believable. To me, David showed his humanity by not completely humiliating the Defendants, once their credibility had no validation.

    Over a lengthy legal process relationships are developed that can last for years. I was fortunate enough to develop a friendship. I would recommend David Wallin and the rest of the folks at Whitelaw Twining anytime."

    Mr. W.B.

  • “Dear David, Tina, and team,

    I just want to say a huge thank you. There really are no words to describe the gratitude I have for everything you have done for me. I was lost, alone and suffering with nowhere to turn.

    When I met you David, I felt right away that I was in good hands. You treated me like I was your only client and worked hard for results I could have never imagined. For that I am forever grateful.

    From the bottom of my heart myself and my family thanks you."

    Mr. M.J.

  • “Hello David,

    My profound thanks to you and your team for your stupendously fine legal representation of my sister's legal actions with ICBC. It is a wonderful thing to see the years of uncertainty lift from her face as she has truly accepted that her injuries were not her fault.

    David, nothing will ever match the gratitude I have that you were there for [my sister] over these many long years. Thank you for 'having her back'."

    Mr. B.C.

  • "Hi David,

    You haven't heard much from me since we settled but I still think about you guys all the time. I just want you to know how much I appreciate that and everything else you guys did for me.

    My family and I are riding in style in a brand new SUV that's much easier on my back to get in and out of. My mortgage is a little less painful thanks to you and we have many great memories from Disney to cherish thanks to you and your team.

    I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. You guys are the best in the biz!"

    Mr. M.J.

  • “Hi David, Tina & your team,

    Thank you for your 4.5 years of incredible instructions and wise and strategic counsel. The legal journey and the vicissitudes of dealing with ICBC, treaters, and re-living events over many years could not be possible without a patient, determined and capable team such as you and Tina.

    I appreciate everything that was done toward a positive outcome, such as mine, with your overwhelming expertise and support.

    Take care."

    Mrs. A.S.

  • "Dear David,

    I want to thank you so much for all that you have done in regards to my case and its settlement. And thank you to all the staff who helped you as well!! I must say that it is refreshing and wonderful to not have the case of looming over me anymore!!

    Thank you, thank you!!!"

    Ms. S.D.

  • “Dear WTinjury,

    I have a unique story to share regarding the professionalism and special talents of David Wallin and the entire team at Whitelaw Twining. I first met David Wallin several years ago, when I was asked to be a character witness for my friend, who was injured in a personal injury case. During all my meetings with David he was very professional and very thorough in his work, and I as very impressed with David and his team.

    David explained everything to me step by step, and he walked me through the process, so I would be more comfortable and at ease sharing my testimony in court. David took charge in the courtroom, and his leadership and professionalism was recognized by everyone. David and his team were able to get my friend a very fair settlement in that case.

    A few years later I was a victim in a very serious head on collision, and the 2 people in the car that hit my vehicle died instantly at the scene. I had never been involved in a serious accident before in my life, and I knew I had to talk to a lawyer immediately to protect myself and my family. I called David Wallin right away because I knew he was the best person to talk to.

    David took charge of the situation immediately, and he started giving me proper legal guidance and direction right away over the phone. I had spent all my time growing my business, and managing a team of sals reps, and I had no experience dealing with lawyers at ICBC or court rooms.

    I don't think ICBC fully understands or even cares about the magnitude of problems that a business owner has to deal with if they are injured in a car accident. I had accomplished quite a lot in my career up to that point, and I had been earning a very high income which was in jeopardy because of the car accident.

    David was able to get a proper settlement out of ICBC for me and my family, and I was able to return to work, so I was very lucky.

    I would highly recommend David Wallin and his team at Whitelaw Twining if you ever need legal advice or assistance in their own bodily injury claim.

    Thank you."

    Mrs. S.D.

  • “Thank you David,

    You are a beacon of logic and understanding in the midst of a world that makes less sense to me daily! Had I spoken with a lawyer with less humanity than you at the start of our relationship I don't think I would've proceeded.

    Monetary compensation for this lunacy was not my only motive and not sure if it was my biggest, but my read of you when we met was you are a man of heart and soul. You haven't sold out.

    Again, thank you."

    Mr. W.B.

  • "Hi David,

    I wanted to do an introduction of a dear friend who was in a car accident about 2 weeks ago. The [insurance company] is up to their usual ways by giving him the run around and he is becoming very frustrated.

    I had mentioned what a great job you and your firm did for me and several of my friends that have used you and advised him to contact you. Your professionalism and care for the client has made a lasting impression."

    Mr. S.J.

  • “Dear David,

    I'm so grateful to you and your amazing team for the outcome of my case, which far exceeded my expectations and, most importantly, for the professionalism and respect with which you handled my file. I'm a very private person and the kindness and discretion with which your team handled sensitive personal information made me feel like you were truly advocating for me as a human being, not as just another client."

    Ms. S.C.

  • “Hi David and team,

    I just want to say thank you for helping me through a very tough and confusing time in my life, if it wasn't for you guys I would still be hurt and not knowing what to do or who to talk to. You guys always guided me in the right direction."

    Ms. H.K.

  • “Many thanks David to you and your teams efforts in support of [my wife] and I through difficult times.,

    All the best."

    Mr. B.L.

  • "Hi David,

    I thank you for your willingness to take this case on, on such short notice. Your confidence and professionalism made my decision of settling my claim tough, as I had full faith that you would meet my expectations in the litigation process.

    When it comes to athletes involved in motor vehicle accidents, insurance companies do a poor job in understanding the severity and consequences that the athlete faces. David, you are unique from many lawyers, as you have the ability to understand and meet the needs of athletes in the recovery process. I admire your professionalism and willingness to represent athletes who are poorly represented by their insurance companies.

    Thanks again David. Although I don't hope to be involved in another motor vehicle accident in the future - if I am I will be coming for you."

    Ms. T.K.

  • "The services Whitelaw Twining provided for the duration of my injury claim exceeded all of my expectations. Each member of the support staff was always informative and knowledgeable about any question I had about my case.

    I would like to extend a special thank you to my lawyer Sanjeeta Johal; who not only got me a settlement beyond what I had expected but also provided amazing counsel and advice. She got me the medical care I needed for my injury and was there for mental support also. Sanjeeta is the kind of lawyer that is very strong, precise and knows her field extremely well. The guidance I received from Sanjeeta was invaluable, and I can say with confidence I wouldn't do anything different.

    Whitelaw Twining is definitely a firm I would recommend to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer. I can't say thank you enough to all of the staff that helped me and supported me throughout my case."

    Mr. B.A.

  • “Hello David,

    I sincerely thank you and your staff for the excellent work that you all did for me in the dealings with ICBC. Your strategy was well conceived and executed to an excellent result. The tone was friendly without being familiar, creating a very pleasant atmosphere in which to do business. It is not always the easiest of experiences for the plaintiff as the "agency" seems obliged to view all claims with suspicion."

    Mr. R.A.

  • “To David & Staff,

    You all did an amazing job!

    Thank you."

    Mrs. H.K.

  • "I suffered whiplash in a rear-end collision which changed my life. I had not been in a serious car accident before, nor had I ever been through litigation.

    I was referred to David Wallin and when I called him immediately after my accident, he was very informative about the process and generous with his time, which immediately put me at ease. He took an interest in me as a person, not just as the potential of another file.

    With a high degree of professionalism and skill Mr. Wallin supported and guided me through what was a challenging process. His experience and expertise working with traumatized people was apparent as he quickly earned my trust and all I had to do was show up to my responsibilities as a client.

    He invested everything within his power to ensure the best possible outcome, for which I am truly moved and grateful. I felt he was 100 % up to bat for me, which allowed me to focus on what I needed to do in terms of healing, and adjusting to my new limitations.

    Throughout the process, he and his team were responsive and kept in close contact with me which fostered a great working relationship. I look forward to periodically checking in with Mr. Wallin as I have a great deal of respect for the work he did, how he conducted himself as a professional with compassion…”

    Mrs. D.S.

  • “Dear David,

    There are no words to express our sincere gratitude and deep appreciation for the exceptional work you did on our behalf. It is our belief that our paths crossed for a definite reason and we will forever be grateful and extremely blessed because of it. Not only do we celebrate a victory … we also celebrate a new found friendship. From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you!!!”

    Mr. and Mrs. R.R.

  • "Dear David,

    From the moment we first met, you have been professional and courteous with me. You have listened to what I had to say, you have always been prompt in returning my phone calls and keeping me updated with our progress, and you have been thorough and efficient in carrying out the actions associated with my civil suit as well as the settlement negotiations which in the end closed the books.

    Your advice has always been well-founded, you have been a calming influence to the rage that I occasionally experienced throughout this endeavor, and you have a keen sense for what is fair in the big picture. Overall, you have been an outstanding ambassador for lawyers in general and for yourself, and I would like to sincerely thank you for your efforts on my behalf."

    Mr. V.T.

  • "I was involved in a serious MVA and a close friend recommended David Wallin to handle my personal injury claim.

    My expectations were exceeded from the first day that David visited me in the hospital in Vancouver. Throughout the three year period to resolution of my claim I was constantly impressed with his knowledge and skill and grateful for his help. Not once in that time was I unable to reach him by phone on his direct line. He kept me in the loop with what was happening and for a time acted as buffer between myself and the ICBC representative in charge of my claim.

    His preparation of my case was extremely thorough and his skill as a negotiator enabled my case to be resolved to my complete satisfaction … ."

    Ms. T.M.

  • "Dear David and the team,

    I just picked up the settlement on my case. Thank you so much for your service these past 3 years and all the hard work you and your team put in. Very professional, but you also made me feel at ease.

    The accident changed my life forever. I look back and I am thankful for the people I have met along the way, including yourself. You have a loyal client for life and I hope I will see you in the future but under different circumstances, and whenever I hear of anyone of my friends or family need a lawyer, I will definitely recommend you and your office.

    I have been hearing horror stories from people that have been in accidents and how their lawyers have been dealing with things from ICBC. I tell people, I got the best.

    Thank you for everything."

    Mr. S.J.

  • "Hi David,

    I used to tell [my doctor] all about how I thought you seemed like a lawyer/artist because of the way you would take anything that unexpectedly came your way whether good or bad and turn it into something genius.

    I was also convinced you were some breed of super hero. To be honest, I don't feel comfortable that there is only one of you out there, or one of your teams because I don't understand where all the other injured people can go to get a fair outcome for their injuries and protection from the brutality from the [insurance company], and I feel sad for them.

    I am also worried that if something terrible happens to me or someone close to me in the future you might be too booked up to take my case whatever it may be.

    I really hope somehow other young lawyers can learn from you how to do things properly for all of us helpless people out there who don't have any strength to fight such a brutal giant...maybe you could teach or write a book to create more minds like yourself so more people can be saved from such a dark frightening place.

    Thank you."

    Ms. S.P

  • “Dear David,

    Thank you very much for your support and guidance throughout my negotiations with ICBC. Over the many months of working with you, I've greatly admired your efficiency, trustworthiness, decency, care and engagement in my case, and great attention to detail. Knowing my claim was in good hands removed a lot of stress from the process. I feel fortunate to have been able to confidently count on your responsiveness, respect and for standing up for me during the mediation. I am grateful that we were able to achieve good, fair results together.

    I've also greatly appreciated your patience and willingness to educate me every step of the way. Thank you for ongoing your assistance and helpfulness, and the care you've taken in safe-guarding my future. I feel very fortunate to have had you on my team throughout this challenging process.

    With gratitude.”

    Ms. T.C.

  • “Hi David,

    First, let me start by saying THANK YOU!!

    I know this was a difficult case, and I probably will never know the extent of how hard you worked on this for me.

    I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, not only for the work you did but for taking on this case for me when it looked hopeless and nobody else would.

    I know this is your job, but you do more than that for people. I don't know if you will ever really know what you've done for me, your honesty and guidance through the whole process was so very much appreciated.

    "David Wallin" will be the name I give to EVERYONE that I hear is in need of a lawyer for their personal injury.

    Thank you to all your staff and associates for all their guidance and patience through all of this as well their kindness and professionalism.

    So, again I thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”

    Mrs. G.H.

  • “Dear David,

    Thank you for your wise counsel over the recent months. Your knowledge and advice brought about a very positive outcome for my family through a time where I was personally struggling with my situation. Trusting you through the process was absolutely the right thing to do.

    Thank you most sincerely for everything,”

    Ms. K.L.

  • “In March of 2005, my 72 year-old mother was leaving her apartment and was engaged in a very unfortunate and traumatic accident … and she has been dealing with serious emotional, physical and mental long term trauma as a result of this accident.

    At the time, we hired the services of a law office to support and advise my mother on how to face the accident that had left her practically crippled for the rest of her life. After almost a year and a half, we realized the respected law firm had not done their due diligence with regards to this case and they had not [ taken ] any of the actions that they had agreed upon …

    In 2006, we decided to seek proper support and as a result we changed our legal representation. We were very fortunate to find Whitelaw Twining Law Corporation and a young patient lawyer by the name of, David J. Wallin, who accepted our file.

    From the first meeting, he started all the necessary actions and immediately began to rectify and correct all the mistakes made by the previous law firm.

    David was extremely disciplined in his work and over performed on the schedule he provided us at the beginning. We have had a few experiences with law firms and this is definitely the only experience that stands out to be superior.

    He always kept us informed on every step and he accomplished and delivered everything he promised accurately in a timely manner. His effective strategy worked extremely well for my mother and unlike the other firm, whatever David said was precise and exact. David changed our perception of the law in support of people who really need it. We owe David a lot for his kindness, unconditional moral support and effective strategy and knowledge.”

    Mr. T.M.

  • "I highly recommend David Wallin. David is an honest, caring person that worked diligently on our case. It was a difficult and complicated case with ICBC, but David worked hard on our behalf. We felt comfortable talking to David and we would recommend him to all our friends and family.

    Thanks so much David!”

    Mrs. M.G

  • “I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend the services of my lawyer David Wallin.

    In 1996, I was in a very serious car accident and for the next 6 years David represented me in what I found to be a very difficult ICBC case. I found him to be quite knowledgeable, honest and wise, but most of all it was his kind and considerate manner that supported me the most.

    I was having so much pain, fatigue and stress that many times I could hardly put one thought in front of the other. David was a constant presence walking me through all that needed to be done. He was easy to establish rapport with and communicated in a very calm and reassuring manner. He was very respectful with all those who attended in court as witnesses. My family still speaks highly of him.

    So it is with these things in mind, that I consider it a genuine pleasure and honour for me to recommend David to anyone else who finds themselves in a serious accident and in need of a great lawyer.”

    Mrs. M.B.

  • “Soon after sustaining a neck injury, I developed a growing concern for what the future held for me and my family. It became apparent that a wise and responsible decision would be to seek legal counseling.

    Although the process proved to be long and challenging both emotionally and physically, David enabled me to maintain a steadfast confidence in my case and a trust in the knowledge that my best interests were of the utmost importance at all times. Not only did I experience open communication and constant availability to my ongoing concerns, my relationship with David soon changed from that of client to friend.

    Due to David's "above and beyond" work ethic, the most difficult journey of my life also became the most rewarding. Even though we achieved great success in our litigation, the true success came in the fulfillment of knowing, through the proper legal guidance and determination, I made the right decision and developed a life long friendship in the process.

    It is with great respect and true admiration that I will highly recommend Whitelaw Twining and David Wallin to anyone seeking legal advice in the future.”

    Mr. R.H.

  • "I was left with a lot of physical pain and trauma after being injured in a rear-end collision. It was important to me that my lawyer genuinely cared about what I was going through.

    After several gruelling years of intimidation by [the insurance company], and a lawyer who neither returned my phone calls, nor seemed invested in my claim, I decided to change lawyers.

    With my life barely hanging by a thread. I was referred to David Wallin, who was reputed to be one of the best personal injury lawyers in the city, agreed to take on my file. Right away I saw how David was as invested in my situation as I was.

    The extent of my injuries and how they had affected my life was finally being acknowledged and understood by a team of [legal professionals] who specialize in accident type injuries. David Walllin, Sanjeeta Johal, and Tina Robbins went though every detail with a fine-tooth comb with the highest level of knowledge and expertise in their field.

    I was deeply impressed by how intelligent and powerful of a force David was during each stage of litigation. he has a so much passion for seeing justice done which was a blessing since I had no strength left to stand up for myself. I had constant support as well, and I was encouraged to call if I needed clarity or reassurance on anything.

    In the end, they were able to turn my hopeless situation completely around and actually had [the insurance company] back down and formulate a rightful settlement.

    I will be forever grateful for all of the incredible hard work and commitment all three of them gave to ensure I was protected and taken care of. This kind of work ethic is invaluable."

    Ms. S.R.

  • "I sustained injury to my neck and back due to [someone else's] negligence.

    Over the next few days [following the accident], my symptoms had gotten worse and even left me bedridden one day due to the severity of the pain and migraine I had. Over the next few weeks the symptoms became worse. I had gone to see my family doctor to follow-up and he performed a number of tests. All tests had ruled out any bone problems and pointed most likely to soft tissue injury, which my doctor had informed me can take a long time to overcome.

    True to his words, I heard back from David within a few days and he informed me that if I would like him to take on my case, he would be happy to do so. I broke down in tears from relief and was so grateful that someone understood the gravity of the situation and was willing to help me.

    My case went on for a few years because of my injuries and ongoing complications, but David kept me informed every step of the way. David was always honest and made sure I knew all of my options and rights.

    I cannot express how grateful I am to David. Without him I would never have been able to deal with such a big company on my own, and I am forever grateful to David for what he has done for me, when NOBODY else would do anything.

    I recommend David to anyone who has had a personal injury claim, as I know they will be treated with kindness, understanding and all the help that is needed to get through a most difficult time in their lives.

    Thank you David so much, you will never begin to know the extent of my gratitude.

    Forever grateful."

    Ms. G.H.

  • "David Wallin and his team were invaluable in helping us through a very difficult time.

    I suffered injuries to my neck, shoulder and lower back in an accident. With eight months of on going rehabilitation I was able to start a gradual return to work program.

    Twelve months from the original accident, we were rear-ended in a motor vehicle accident. Although the accident appeared to be minor, my injuries were anything but minor and changed my quality of life permanently.

    The first 2-3 years after the accidents I had difficulty absorbing details. David was very patient whenever I needed to have details clarified. David took the time to explain the particulars of my case in language that I could understand. David always returned my calls in a timely manner.

    Whitelaw Twining was able to send me to various medical professionals that my family GP was unable to access without lengthy wait times. I was booked for numerous medical appointments without any added stress to my already stressful situation.

    I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and feel I received a fair settlement to assist with my future medical treatments.

    David's expertise, advice and concern over my case was commendable. His assistant and other colleagues were equally as professional and courteous. I would highly recommend David Wallin and Whitelaw Twining Law Corporation to anyone in need. In fact, I already have."

    Ms. R.S.

  • “I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the team at Whitelaw Twining for their work on my whiplash injury. The staff and lawyers were both professional and caring.

    The particular nature of my injury looked like it would be relatively straightforward case, however it turned out to be much more complicated and difficult. If it hadn't been for the knowledge and skills of my main lawyer David Wallin, I would have never been able to cope with the many surprises that came our way. I became very agitated with the whole situation but the calm and encouraging staff was always understanding and supportive. They worked with a great deal of sensitivity and intuition and always stayed focused on the goal of proper compensation for my injury.

    The thimbleful offered by the insurance company was increased significantly through their perseverance and determination. Working with this firm I always got the sense that someone was out to bat for me. They would always keep me up to date on the developments and contacted me to verify everything before reacting.

    At times the ordeal felt like David was trying to bring down Goliath, but with Whitelaw Twining's slingshot of expertise and excellence, I saw that it was possible. I truly appreciate the long hours and heartfelt support I received and would not hesitate to recommend this firm to anyone who has been injured in any way.”

    Mrs. K.S.

  • “I was involved in an MVA; the injury I incurred did not manifest itself until a month after the accident. ICBC refused to believe that the injury was related to the accident. David Wallin of Whitelaw Twining became my [ lawyer ].

    During this long complicated case I found that David and his staff always took the time to make sure that I understood the process, timeline and conduct of the case. I was well briefed on what I should expect during the many meetings with the ICBC lawyers and their assorted experts.

    While working with David and seeing the competence and professionalism of him and all the staff I met at Whitelaw Twining, I saw a change in how I was treated by ICBC. In the beginning ICBC was confident in their case, but by the end of the process they offered me equitable compensation that I accepted bringing this case to a favourable conclusion.”

    Mr. O.S.

  • "David,

    I do very much appreciate your assistant with my case. Prior to this injury I had never been in contact with a lawyer's office, and although this may be a job for you, everything involved is unfamiliar to me.

    Perhaps needless to say there were worries relating to the many general perceptions of lawyers or the stereotyping that one has often heard. David, both you and Tina have shown me your kindness and willingness to help someone who simply just wants to be healed and receive assistance in order to do so."

    Ms. V.M.

  • "It was really wonderful meeting with Sanjeeta. I appreciate her kindness and patience in listening to me diligently and then explaining the [law] in a most effective way."

    Mr. G. S.

  • “David,

    …Your commitment and ability to succeed in complex situations is a credit to your profession.

    It is a comfort to me, both personally and professionally to be able to call on a moments notice and know we have the best representation available.

    I wish you continued success.”

    Mr. O.M.

  • “As a victim of a MVA where the other driver ran a red light and hit my car, I really didn't notice any serious pain until months later. My doctors diagnosed whiplash and then the story began.

    The passenger in the vehicle I was in was a good friend who also sustained injury and was able to settle with ICBC. A previous claim with favourable results. In fact, she was “over the moon” about her lawyers and highly recommended Whitelaw Twining.

    I consulted with this firm at first with great trepidation as I had heard rumours about how difficult settlement can be. My lawyers tackled a very difficult case in a most professional way, understanding the complexities and respecting the anxieties that my case produced.

    I can't really begin to describe the pressure one feels in such instances but let it be said that my lawyers were there all the way. They are sensitive to the needs of the client and I felt they navigated through the unexpected challenges with a great deal of skill.

    I am happy with the results and can only say good things about the team at Whitelaw Twining. The settlement has meant a lot to me and has helped to put my life back on track. With such a case as mine the choice of lawyers has made all the difference.”

    Ms. K.S.

  • “I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. I obtained the services of David Wallin, as I suffered bodily injuries. I had a very positive experience having David Wallin represent me.

    David was very helpful with respect to counseling me and is knowledgeable, informative and very professional in his approach. His appointments with me were scheduled quickly; he answered all my calls in a timely manner and offered direction and advice willingly. He shared with me the benefits of his profession and ensured that I understood his advice. I always felt as though I was his only client. He was very thorough in his investigations and to this end, I had great results with my claim. He was very confident and was forthright when dealing with ICBC - he knows his onions.

    I would definitely hire Mr. Wallin's services again and have recommended him to my friends.”

    Mr. K.K.

  • "Dear Mr. Wallin,

    I just wanted to express my sincere thanks...your caring and compassion was most appreciated..."

    Dr. C.M.

  • “Hi David,

    …We are here due to your brilliant planning, good strategy and hard work.

    As I said before, I could do my part because I was working with a master and for a woman who did many sacrifices for me more than a normal mother son relationship. Great job.

    Thank you. To me you are not only my mother's lawyer, you are also a family friend.”

    Mr. T.M.

  • “Just a quick note to say thank-you very much for everything you did on my behalf. I am aware that my case was somewhat of a risky one from the outset, but your abilities made the effort a success. I really do have a feeling of completion now that it is all over, and at the very least, the knowledge that a little justice was done, thanks to you.

    Again, thank-you very much, David, and I wish you continued success.”

    Mr. K.L.

  • “Dear David,

    Thank you for all the hours you put in on our behalf. We greatly appreciate all your time and efforts.

    Thanks again!”

    Mr. M.R.

  • "David,

    Just a little note to thank you for taking me on as a client and for all the effort you’ve put into getting my [claim] resolved so quickly!

    Thank you again!"

    Ms. Y.L.

  • “Dear Mr. Wallin,

    Thank-you so much for ending such a frustrating [claim] and taking so much time … to help us.

    All your efforts and phone calls and commitments are greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.”

    Ms. M.D.

  • "I would like to thank you so much for recommending that my lawyer David Wallin care for me as his client. A member of my family, suggested that I contact your law office after my 1996 car accident. David has proven himself to be very competent, wise and caring. I had full confidence in him as my lawyer. I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am.”

    Mrs. M.B.

  • “David,

    Thanks a lot for bringing this to a close. I sincerely appreciate all the work you have put into [my file]. I guess the only thing I will miss about all of this is the occasional opportunity to talk with you. If you are ever in my neck of the woods please give me a call. I owe you …


    Dr. M.B.

  • “Dear [David],

    I am very grateful to you, having resolved this case for me. My very, very thanks to you.”

    Mr. N.R.

  • "David Wallin represented me in an accident and I can say with certainty that I received a very favourable outcome.

    David was very professional but personable as well. I highly recommend him as a lawyer and would not hesitate to use his services again should the need arise."

    Ms. P.J.

  • “Hi Dave,

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the work that [ your team ] have done for [ us ]. We really appreciate it!”

    Ms. W.P.

  • “[ David Wallin’s ] knowledge of the practice area, his ability to see the breadth of issues, his creativity, his writing skills, and his tenacious attitude were all way beyond excellent. I was reassured by his steady composure and his grasp of legal technicalities and issues.

    David has provided superb in-person, mediation, internet and telephone services. It has been refreshing to work with someone as professional and caring as he has been.

    …[ David ] went beyond the call of duty to provide innovative legal services in a manner that helped me tremendously. He should be commended.”

    Mr. B.P.

  • “Hi David,

    My cheque has arrived and I am another step closer to having some closure with this matter. Many thanks to you and your team for getting me here. I feel hugely supported and won't hesitate to highly recommend your firm.

    Thanks and regards.”

    Ms. D.S.

  • "Dear David,

    Thank you so much for all of the hard work it took to put an end to my claim, with the incredibly successful results. I had become utterly hopeless and I feel like I was scraped up from the bottom with no strength left, and given a fair chance against what was rightfully owed for my damages.

    I probably will not even know the extent of this gratitude until I am far away from here, further down the road, in the sun of course.

    I know now that I will always remember how you 'saved my life' and owe it all to you.

    Thank you."

    Ms. S.M.