The pain and stress of injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident are difficult to deal with. Handling your own ICBC claim adds additional stress into the equation. Your team of personal injury lawyers at WT Injury take that stress out of the equation, so you can focus entirely on your injury recovery. Let us help you.

What we handle


When you face a traumatic injury, our lawyers help you understand your rights to compensation.

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Soft Tissue / Myofacial Injury
  • Emotional Injury


Our team of personal injury lawyers have seen every kind of accident—car, motorcycle, boat, pedestrian, recreation—and know just what to do next.

  • Motor Vehicle
  • Bicycle
  • Pedestrian
  • Aircraft
  • Marine / Boating
  • Slip & Fall


Recovery, support, benefits, or compensation for trauma you’ve suffered—you may even be surprised by the settlement you’re entitled to.

  • Physical and Psychological pain and suffering
  • Past and future wages
  • Medical & out of pocket expenses
  • Cost of Future Care

Let Us Help

Our seasoned team of lawyers can take it from here.