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Injuries We Handle

Your injury—whether an orthopaedic, spinal cord or brain injury—has changed your quality of life. Our team of lawyers have secured some of the highest compensation in BC for personal injury claims.

About Our Team

An injury is rarely just an injury. It can affect every part of your life—work, marriage, friendships, school, hobbies. Our team of personal injury lawyers has seen it all and we handle every step of the process. Not only do we work to get you a fair result, we act as a buffer between you and ICBC, freeing you up from that added stress.

We handle claims involving

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury – quadriplegia / paraplegia
  • Soft tissue injury (such as whiplash associated disorder – (WAD)
  • Neuromuscular / musculoskeletal injuries such as chronic pain syndrome; thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS); myofascial pain syndrome; fibromyalgia; reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) / complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
  • Craniofascial / dental injuries (such as temporal mandibular joint dysfunction / TMD)
  • Traumatic psychological and psychiatric injury such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) depression; and anxiety
  • Orthopaedic injury

What Our Injury Claims Clients Say

“When my wife and I were injured in a rear end collision to our vehicle, we became drawn into the complex world of injury claim to protect our rights. ICBC made the process confusing and threatening. Looking for legal representation was another tough process in trying to decide who had the right expertise and character to succeed. After meeting David and his team it was immediately clear we had found our fit. Start to finish, David and his team maintained clear communication, strategy and executed on their word. This made for as controlled and stress free a process as possible. We highly recommend David and WT injury to ensure your interests are put first with strength and clarity and to get you through to a successful conclusion.”—B.L.

“I received the settlement package and I would like to take this opportunity to thank David and the awesome WTinjury team for years of service. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication which resulted in a successful outcome on both cases. I am grateful for the personal service I received, your continued support, and your immediate responses to all of my concerns. During this entire process I always felt that the WTinjury Team truly cared about me. You have all been amazing to work with. Thank you!”—L.W.

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