David Wallin presented at the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia’s conference on“Life after CAPS: “Minor Injuries”

5 10 2019

To view the article “Recent Legislative Changes to the Law of Subrogation in Bodily Injury Actions in British Columbia: Progressive Legislative Change or Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?”, click here.

David Wallin presented as an invited Faculty Panelist at the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia’s 2 day conference on “Life after CAPS: “Minor” Injuries” at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver, B.C., on May 10, 2019.

David presented before a gathering of over 300 bodily injury lawyers, medical doctors and other allied health professionals on the legislative impact of the amendments to the B.C. Insurance (Vehicle) Act with respect to subrogation claims in motor vehicle bodily injury claims.

A few of the topics David discussed included the potential negative impact that the B.C. government’s recent 2018 amendments to the Insurance (Vehicle) Act and its Regulations in regard to motor vehicle accidents occurring on or after May 17, 2018 are likely to have on injured BC motorists. Such legislative changes are anticipated to have a detrimental impact with respect to many injured parties’ ability to recover damages for various heads of damages; access to necessary treatment; access to justice; further court delays; and increased court costs to injured parties, to name a few.