WTinjury: Response to COVID-19 Update 1

3 20 2020

Just a quick update. Given that the economic slowdown is not yet abating we are taking additional steps to ensure our people are safe and our clients’ legal needs met. To this end, we have now transitioned all lawyers and paralegals (100%) to fully remote status. We invested significant resources in our IT infrastructure to accommodate this and are pleased to report a successful transition. We will still operate a skeleton crew within our offices to the extent on site work is required.

All emergency client emails and calls will continue to be answered same day like always. New retainers triaged just like they were before. We will continue to provide you with the level of service and responsiveness that you’ve come to expect from us.

This task has not been without sacrifice. We have had to temporarily transition a small group of staff members who simply don’t have jobs conducive to remote work onto the Federal Government’s modified SUB program until this crisis passes. We didn’t make this decision lightly and we hope to have everyone back soon.

Be safe and healthy, and again we look forward to a time soon when we can all get back to business as usual.